The Difference

What sets ACS apart?


We believe that we have created products that will meet your needs and provide you with the competitive advantage necessary in today’s market. In addition, working with Automotive Capital Services gives you access to a credit line that is readily available wherever and whenever you need it most. We are connected to auctions nationwide, and that gives you greater freedom of choice. Our sales people are true business consultants. We bring services to dealers that will help sell more cars, build more cash, and grow your profits.


It is rare to find a company bold enough to enter the inventory financing market with a new approach, but we found good reason to. Our management team was assembled to develop a dealer inventory financing program with a national view that is entirely different than what you see in the market today. With extensive automotive industry experience, we bring you a depth of knowledge and understanding of the auto business that is based on market insights and provides superior financing services to meet your needs. Automotive Capital Services is entering the used vehicle market with talent, experience and capabilities to deliver a new and different type of commercial financing program.


Automotive Capital Services competes through the deployment of sales professionals using solution-based, consultative selling. We view a successful sales interaction as one where the dealer receives incremental value based upon the use of Automotive Capital Services' products. The role of the Dealer Relationship Manager (DRM) is to continuously seek opportunities to service dealers. We differentiate ourselves as experienced automotive financial services professionals located with you in your market, equipped and focused on helping you make more money.


The independent dealer is front and center in our business. What motivates us is the energy we get from working with independent dealers, like you, in setting the new standard of inventory financing. We will work closely with you so that you can focus your resources on the vehicles that sell best in your market. Automotive Capital Services is here to help you win with a program that benefits your business. The benefits of partnering with Automotive Capital Services are:

Dealer Financing Program

We offer an unparalleled floorplan finance product. We are trained to address ever-changing market conditions and other issues that confront dealers each day. We understand that in today's market you will need new and flexible products. That’s why we are continually developing new ones. Our products are designed to provide total financing support for dealership business needs.

Carefully Selected Technology

We’ve selected innovative technology that helps dealers maximize their time and money, while at the same time delivering you the ability to focus on finding the best vehicles for your inventory mix and profitability.

Dedicated DRMs

Our sales staff works in partnership with our dealers to help build stronger, more profitable businesses. Our financing expertise allows us to customize solutions that lead you to increased sales and profitability.

Professional Services

We have excellent capabilities to service your account needs. Everything from a consultative business relationship to technical support has been thoughtfully designed to deliver on our promise. Our staff is trained to address your business needs and provide the resources you need to support your business.

We are ready to gain your trust.

We are ready to partner with you.

We are ready to earn your business.