Dealer Financing


Automotive Capital Services will extend lines of credit to independent dealers to provide financing for vehicle inventory. These are the key components of the line of credit program:

We provide advances on auction purchases up to 100% of the auction purchase price, including buyer fees.

We extend credit lines to meet your total inventory financing needs.

We fund trade-ins and dealer-to-dealer purchases based on a percentage of the Black Book average value.

We don’t charge you additional fees for non-auction vehicle purchases.

We offer one monthly billing covering your interest and fees.

Automotive Capital Services abides by a set of minimum underwriting standards for dealer applications that must be met. For more information, please contact a Dealer Relationship Manager in your area.


Our value proposition

Because we offer products and services that represent solutions for the needs of the independent dealer, the success of your business is paramount for us. We utilize our experience and capabilities together with competitive products and services to deliver superior value to your dealership.

Creating a unique dealer experience

What sets Automotive Capital Services’ sales organization apart from our competitors is the quality, expertise, and performance of each member of our team. Each day we show up to create a unique dealer experience that enhances our ability to build solid relationships with our dealers.

Focused on your bottom line

Our approach is to create value for the independent dealer with the right products at the right time. This allows for continuous improvement in operations and productivity, which best serves our dealers.

Account Management

Automotive Capital Services' dealers can view their account information with ACSaccess at any time. The dealer portal is dedicated to you, providing you with login access to account information online.

Dealers can view current outstandings and initiate electronic payments directly on ACSaccess.

Dealers can also view a history of payments made.

Auctions can initiate vehicle funding requests on ACSaccess. Dealers can then view those requests when they login.

Dealers and auctions can access and download their current and previous billing statements.

Dealers can view summaries and reports of their own account activity.